10. Upgrade

Target group: Developers

From version 1.x to version 2

Version 2 of this extension introduced some breaking changes, notably:

  • The repository classes are no longer based on Extbase. They are now using the connection object or the query builder provided by TYPO3 and Doctrine DBAL.

  • The Extbase model classes are gone. Instead there are now immutable entity classes for column, dataset, table and transfer under the namespace Brotkrueml\JobRouterData\Domain\Entity. There are also no getters available anymore, instead just use the public properties (which are readonly).

  • The Dataset entity does not provide a getDatasetContentForColumn() method as the previous Extbase model. Instead the dataset property now always holds an array of the JSON-decoded dataset.

  • The JobDataRepository is now injectable via constructor. All method signatures have changed and now require the table handle as first argument.

  • The getLocale() method of the PSR-14 event ModifyColumnContentEvent returns always a IETF RFC 5646 compatible locale string in TYPO3 v12.