4. Usage

Target group: Integrators, Administrators


The connections to JobRouter® installations are managed in the backend module JobRouter > Connections.


The module is only available in the live workspace.

On your first visit after installing the extension you should see the following screen:

Initial Connections module screen

Initial Connections module screen


If you get the error message that the key file does not exist, first generate the key.

Create a connection

To create a new connection, click on the + button in the upper menu bar, which displays a form:

Create a connection

Create a connection

The following fields are available:



Use a name you recognise. This can be the name of the JobRouter® installation or the purpose for which it is used. It is only descriptive.


Enter a unique short handle. It can be used to create a connection programmatically and independent of the internal uid.

Base URL

The base URL of the JobRouter® installation.


The JobRouter® installation should be accessible only over TLS (https), so that the credentials are transmitted encrypted.


The username to sign in over the REST API.


For security reasons, use a JobRouter® user who only has the access rights required for the purpose (technical user). It is also possible to create more than one connection to the same JobRouter® installation with different users.


The password to be used. It will be stored encrypted in the database.


New in version 1.2.0.

The maximum number of seconds to execute a request.

Default: 0

Verify TLS certificate

New in version 1.2.0.

The TLS certificate of the JobRouter® installation is checked when connecting.

Default: activated


This should only be disabled when connecting to a test or development installation as this introduces security issues.

Proxy URL

New in version 1.2.0.

Enter the URL when connecting through a proxy to the JobRouter® installation.

Default: (empty)


JobRouter Version

The version of the JobRouter® installation. The version is automatically detected when a connection is established and is therefore read-only.



In the Access tab you can enable or disable the connection. Disabled connections cannot be used.



This is a descriptive field only. You can enter additional remarks for a connection.

Connection list

After creating one or more connections, you will see a list of connections when calling the module:

Connection list

Connection list

If a connection is not enabled, this is indicated by the addition “(disabled)” in the name.

There are three buttons available for each connection:

  • You can edit a connection with the pencil.

  • Click on the bug icon to test a connection. This will also update the JobRouter® version if necessary.

  • The last icon is a link to the JobRouter® installation.

Delete a connection

To delete a connection, open the editing page of the connection. In the upper menu bar you will find the delete button.


Currently, there is no check during deletion whether a connection is used in other records.