3. Configuration

Target group: Administrators

Extension configuration

To configure the extension, go to Admin Tools > Settings > Extension Configuration and click on the Configure extension button. Open the jobrouter_connector configuration:

Extension configuration of jobrouter_connector

Extension configuration


The extension stores credentials in the database, the password will be encrypted. With this configuration setting you define the path and name of the key file relative to the project directory.


The key should never be accessible via a browser. So do not put it in a folder like public or htdocs. If you have a standard TYPO3 installation, the default value is fine.

Key Generation

An encryption key is required to encrypt and decrypt the password. The extension provides a console command for creating a key. So log on to your server and go to the project path. To generate the key, you need write permissions for this path. Run the following command in the project directory for a composer installation:

vendor/bin/typo3 jobrouter:connector:generatekey

In a non-composer installation execute:

php public/typo3/sysext/core/bin/typo3 jobrouter:connector:generatekey

Hopefully you will receive a successful response:

[OK] Key was generated and stored into "/your/project/path/.jobrouterkey"

Some words about the key

  • The password of your connections is encrypted with this key. If it gets lost you will have to set the passwords again.

  • If you try to create another key with the same name, an error occurs. It is therefore not possible to accidentally overwrite the key.

  • It is a binary key, its value is generated randomly. So you don’t have to type a passphrase or think about a key value yourself.

  • And again: Never place the key into a folder that is accessible via a browser.